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Booking for Fall 2023

HeartBlake Designs was created in 2007, from a passion of creativity.  Besides Meredith's previous career in textile design, tech flats construction packets and pattern making, she created children's apparel designs, party scapes and costumes: if it was innovative, she wanted to do it.


Following the birth of her next 2 daughters, she evolved her business to full-time upholstery design and reconstruction.  Local clients and referrals across the country come to her for revamping pieces. Amongst other current clients, Meredith freelances upholstery projects for Joann Fabrics mailers and website tutorials. 


"I have been given creative freedom and flexibility to homeschool all 3 of my daughters and fulfill my desire for design out of my home and workshop. It's not my career, its my passion"  

IMG_6133 2.JPG

Having  a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from Kent State University

and the cultural diversity from studying abroad in Florence, Italy, Meredith was a chameleon in her design work depending on her environment.

 After moving to South Carolina with her husband and daughter, a two year run making CakePops for clients, and a move to bridal apparel,  she kept coming back  to pattern making and personal design.  



Send me an inquiry and I'll be in contact with you!  *Out of state projects will be shipped by customer.


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